Saturday, May 23, 2009

Too Many Pictures, Not Enough Brain

Ian Graber and Tom

Alan Promendus

Ray Olson

John Wagenhals

Brent Graber and Will Menzies

Sean Hegeman

Over two days, Saturday and Sunday, my daughter and I took 450-500 pictures. I've worked on them daily ever since. I've deleted a lot of them, the backs of hairy hands, blurry to the point of useless, no one in them at all (Karin took those..not me). But, I am left with a lot of photos I don't exactly know what to do with in terms of organizing.
So, here's my plan....let me know what you think....I'm going to make a file for each of these guys and pull out the pictures that either focus on them, their work or on a collaboration that they participated in. Then, I will save those files to a CD, and give them to each one. And a master CD or two or three to Jessica to be a part of the record for the Reef. Does that sound like something that makes sense?
Or if you have a better idea, especially if it's easier, let me know. Because when I finish that part of it, I want to get the shots of the work ready. Help!! Who's coming to my house to do this? I'll cook....steak?

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