Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shannon's Reef-Glass Artists at Work

I am trying to make up for torturing the good people on LE by discussing photos that they couldn't see.

These are photos, many taken by Bonnie Weiss, that I removed from Jessica's (Boggs) Facebook albums...with her permission. If one of these photos shows an item belonging to you, and you would like the picture removed, calmly email me at classicink@aol.com. We are in no way trying to violate anyone, we simply want to show off the beautiful glass work that has been donated for Shannon's Reef.

Contributors, so far, include Rose Leslie, Tara Roberts, Robert Mickelson, Marcy Lambertson, Laurie B Smith, Chico Roberts, Jennifer Umphress, Lea Zinke, Ofilia Cinta, Dawn Scannelle, Mickey and Madline, Josh Mazet, Lewis Wilson, CDMA, Cathie Roberts, Jeff McDougal, Shelia Morley, Josh from Lucid Visions, Paul Labrie and David Walker. I hope this list is complete, at least for the photos I have posted....and the list is not in a particular order either.

If you sent in work for the reef, and the photo is not here, that only means that I missed it, or that it hasn't been posted on FB. If you sent more than one piece and only see a single photo, then that's because I didn't want to show everything. After all, there should always be some mystery.

Last Saturday, I delivered my pieces for the reef and saw most of these pieces in person. And there's no photo on earth that can touch the beauty, the sincerity of the work or raw emotion that this whole project invokes.

The first photo is of Shannon and Jessica in happier times....2007 at a benefit to raise money for endangered species.

And here are Shannon's parents, Wayne and Jayne Hill

And now the reef....or its components....in no particular order...